j o r g e  d e s i g n  s t u d i o
I am a Graphic Designer specialized in branding and visual strategy for products, websites, and businesses. I apply design-thinking process and User Experience design to all my projects. My goal is to translate business ideas into a visual system that simplifies complexity and makes their brands enduring and iconic. I share my process and method via Behance, Instagram and other social media platforms. In order to connect all these different projects and design ideas, it was necessary to create a personal brand to gather all of them under the same umbrella and show my personal working style that lives inside each project. 
Title: Jorge Design Studio
Year: 2020-21
Tags: Branding, logo, typography, color palette, design-thinking

Each time I start a new project, there are three concepts that influence my working process:
drive-design idea
After the first meetings with the client and empathizing with the problem we need to solve, the ideation stage comes in place. I focus on developing an idea that synthesizes all the findings and helps me to guide my research during the following steps. This main concept works as a lighthouse that sheds light on the darkest moments of my working process, being a fundamental reference I can always come back to when I get lost.
jd - my personal style
The main characteristics of my design style, which I applied to every project I work are:
• Attention to the detail
• Playing Minimal: being minimal but keeping a playful tone
• Use of colours to communicate emotions
• Geometry and Maths to harmonize and rationalize designs
• Promoting human connection
continuous development & testing
Design-thinking is a nonlinear process that requires continuous action sequence of testing, development, testing again and more development, etc. This reiterative process will allow us to rule out problematic solutions and reach a clear understanding of the product and its users to reach the right solution for your problem.
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